Online Payment System


Luggage/Cargo: Your baggage allowance varies based on the type of Aircraft and the routes you are traveling. No more than the already stated and confirmed (through the Air Transport Request Form) luggage, will be allowed in all F.A.S. flights. The aircraft shall be at all times under the exclusive control of the Carrier.

Utilization of the aircraft. The Carrier is entitled to utilize any unused part of the chartered space (“empty leg”) without any refund to the charterer. Agreements are at the exclusive disposal of the Carrier.

Cancellation(s)/Refund(s): The Carrier may cancel /delay/reschedule the agreed flights, due to the following reasons:
1)Force Majeure The Carrier may cancel or delay charter flight(s) under this Charterparty Agreement without being liable to pay any cancellation fee or compensation whatsoever in the event that the charter flight(s) cannot be performed or completed due to any cause beyond the control of the Carrier, including - but not limited to - strikes, lock-out, civil commotion, war or warlike operations, embargo, act or omissions of governmental authorities including all civil aviation authorities, acts of God, fire, flood, fog, frost ice, storms, epidemics, quarantine, hijacking, requisition of aircraft by Public Authorities, breakdown or accident to aircraft, or if the safety of passengers and/or property is deemed by the aircraft commander or the Carrier's operational supervisors to be in jeopardy. In case of such cancellations the Carrier shall be under no obligation to the Charterer beyond reschedule of the agreed charter flight.

2)Passengers If the Charterer does not fulfill his obligations pursuant to this Charterparty Contract, including payment of the charter price in accordance with the terms specified in the offer, or does not show on time for the scheduled flight, The Carrier may cancel the charter flight(s) without being liable to pay any cancellation fee or compensation whatsoever

3)F.A.S. In the event of non-performance, partial performance or delay of the flight resulting wholly or partly from F.A.S. crew, facility, maintenance or aircraft occurrence, the Charterer is entitled to a full refund or reschedule.

30% of the Total payment is required as a non refundable deposit by banks transfer to our account or cash, or credit card, ONCE this contract has been signed, in order to confirm booking. The charterer shall make the remaining payment, 24 hrs before Departure. Cancellation and/or No show by the Charterer ONCE this contract has been signed, will lead to the following :
1) No refund of payment(s) made, from the Charterer.
2) F.A.S. may offer a Reschedule upon A/C &Crew availability