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Fenix Aero Services

Air Operator | Pilot Academy | Executive Air Club

FENIX AERO SERVICES S.A. is the renaissance of Fanourakis Aviation Services S.A.

On new facilities, with its renewed executive officers and administrative personel, Fenix continues the vision, the strategy and the planning of Fanourakis Aviation Services and aspires to become one of the best Pilot Training Centers in Europe and all over the world.

Its 30 year experience in the aviation field, followed with its qualified and highly educated personnel combined with the modern and innovative methods and means of training assures the success of its graduates across the full spectrum of general aviation on both private and commercial flights.

Fenix Aero Services story and achievements will justify the company once again.

  • 1

    Attica / Markopoulo

  • Dimitriou Nikolaou Allagianni 13
    Athens International Airport Area
    190 03 Markopoulo

  • 3


  • Pastida Area
    851 06 Rhodes Island

  • 2

    Attica / Megara

  • Pachi Airport (LGMG)
    Pachi Area
    191 00 Megara / Attica

Contact Us

  • 801 11 81000

  • +30 22990 49814

  • +30 69847 81000

  • +30 69369 81000

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